Penmore - The Early Days

Recently, some photographs from the early days of the Penmore layout have been discovered, and are presented in this article.

They show some of of the construction of baseboard sections and an overall view of the layout. They were taken by society member Arnie Buxton in March 2008.


This photograph shows the inside of the viaduct.

This is another view of the viaduct.

This photograph shows the outside of the viaduct, looking through an arch.

This photograph shows cutting end, highlighting the curve of the cutting.

This photograph shows the entrance to the cutting, with the station off to the bottom left of the photograph.

This photograph shows the detail of the cutting.

This photograph shows the overall view of the layout, with the viaduct in the foreground, and the fiddle yard to the left, and the station to the right, and the cutting towards the back.