Update - November 2017

The last year has seen hive of activity on Penmore.

Scenic work has progressed massively. A number of smaller feature buildings have been built, and the areas at each end of the cutting have been landscaped.

We have also started work on the station canopy.

Firstly a view of the first of two signalboxes:

And a somewhat unique view of the operating floor. The signalman can be seen operating the lever frame.


The layout is based in the steam era, so a water tower would have been present to refill locomotives and tenders at the station. This one is a stone base, with the tank on top.


Here is a view through the cutting at the far end, into the fiddle yard.


And a couple of views at the other end of the fiddle yard. The first shows the scenery buildup on the embankment sides leading up to the viaduct


The next two views show one of the many larger trees, with sheep sheltering underneath. Rain must be on the way.


A slightly different view, highlighting the bridge across the railway cutting.


A deep blue sky after the rain - A view through the arches of the viaduct.


And lastly, a view of a low relief shop, built on the end of the row of low relief houses seen in the 2016 update.